Parish Planning Steering Group

In the last decade, two 'steering groups' have examined the posibilties of other uses of buildings within the parish of Camberley and Bagshot in the light of falling number of priests and laity.  Options considered have included the closure of all three sites and the building of a new church and pastoral centre; closure of one or more of the existing sites; redevelopment of one of the exisiting sites.  With the arrival of a new Bishop in 2015 and a new parish priest in 2016 the future of the parish in this area has been reviewed once more.


As of Spring 2017 Bishop Richard Moth has confirmed that their are no plans to close the Church of St Tarcisius and that having reviewed the deeds of the £1.5M legacy left to St Tarcisius, these monies are to be spent only on the site of St Tarcisius or buildings connected with that church, rather than being available to fund a development elsewhere in the geographical area of the parish.  


Moreover, Bishop Richard has indicated that there are no plans at the present time to merge the Parish of Camberley and Bagshot with that of Frimley.


In 2030 it is anticipated that the Diocese will have approximately half the number of priests in active ministry as it has at the present time (2016).   As part of a Diocesan wide review to address this issue, to take place in 2018, Bishop Richard has indicated that the continuing use of all church buildings, including those in this parish, will be subject to a review in the light of the Mission of the Church.   Bishop Richard will be undertaking a wide ranging consultation with both priests and laity prior to an announcement of a restructuring of the Diocese in 2018.


Bishop Richard is now in on-going conversations with the Parish Priest and Parish Finance Committee to reach a firm decision on the future use and development of buildings in the Camberley and Bagshot parish.


Fr Paul Turner