Gift Aid & Covenants

Gift Aid allows the Parish to reclaim tax on all amounts given, including irregular, one-off payments (no matter how small, or large). Most importantly, it can be used for your offertory at Mass.

We need a completed Gift Aid Declaration and evidence of payments. Cheques and standing orders provide their own evidence, but if you give in cash it needs to be put in a numbered envelope so there is a proper 'audit trail'.

We would therefore ask any parishioners who are taxpayers to seriously consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration and set up a standing order or accept a set of envelopes which can be used for any cash contribution. All you need is your name, address and post code. Please do so at the earliest opportunity.

To download a Gift Aid Declaration please click the link below.  Thank you.


Gift Aid Declaration.pdf

Please Contact Mr Roger Woodham  on 01276 29037 if you wish to discuss things further.