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What the CAFOD in our Parish Does

General Millenium Goals: In year 2000, the richer countries of the world agreed within the forum of the United Nations to a set of eight specific goals to help poorer countries. These included improving education, reducing child mortality and halving by 2015 the number of people in the world living on less than $US1 per day. The Parish CAFOD/J&P group has taken an interest in these issues and has written to the Prime Minister and International Development Secretary urging them to ensure that our country honours its commitments.A full list of the goals and their associated targets can be found at


Awareness: In the Camberley and Bagshot Catholic Parish the CAFOD/J&P Group reflects upon and studies the major issues of our time. Visiting speakers and social events focus on particular issues and raise awareness of them not just within the group but in the wider parish.



Fundraising: In 2010 CAFOD launched a new initiative, ‘Connect2’ aimed at connecting individual parishes more closely with the cause for which they raise funds. Since 2010 the parish has raised nearly £9000 for connect2 Ethiopia followed by nearly £7000 for connect2 El Salvador.

Current Project  – CAFOD connect2 Cambodia
The parish embarked new project on 1st July 2015 this time connecting to Cambodia. 


Since that time the parish has been supporting a community in Cambodia, who live only a few miles from Phnom Penh. We are happy to say that this project has ended as CAFOD and its partners believe progress has been made in Samrong Mean Chey.


However, Cambodia remains one of the poorest nations in South East Asia, with one third of Cambodia’s 14 million people living on less than half a dollar a day (about 50p). Communities in rural Cambodia are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, economic shocks and the worsening effects of climate change.


CAFOD is now starting to work with a new partner called ‘Srer Khmer’, which means ‘paddy fields of Cambodia’.Srer Khmer are working with the rural communities in the Siem Reap province.


In future years, with our support, Srer Khmer will work with these communities, empowering rice farmers, through supporting them as they learn new skills and strengthen the community to respond and become more resilient to natural disasters and economic shocks.


C2 Cambodia New Project.pdf



What can you do to help?
If we make a difference to just one person, then that in itself is worth while but we need to do better than that. You can help by continuing to support our causes financially but also by becoming involved. If you would like to help, please contact the Parish office who will pass your details on to us.


Telephone: 01344 623202



CAFOD - Historical Background

1960: CAFOD’s beginnings came when the National Board of Catholic Women organised a Family Fast Day in response to a request from the people of the Caribbean Island of Dominica for help with a mother-and-baby healthcare programme. Their aim was to raise £500 but they raised over £6000.

1962: The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales officially set up CAFOD - then known as the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, but today is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.   CAFOD is the official overseas development and humanitarian agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales.   The aim was to provide a focus for all the small-scale charitable efforts which were already taking place. Today, CAFOD are still bringing about change as a result of the immense commitment and generosity of the Catholic communities of England and Wales. 

2000: Change of status from Catholic Fund for Overseas Development to Catholic Agency for Overseas Development - supports programmes rather than projects.


CAFOD in Action

CAFOD has 500 partnerships world wide and 10 offices worldwide staffed by local people.The energy comes from Christian spirituality.Different aspects of CAFOD’s work include:


Fighting poverty
Being there in emergencies
Standing up for justice
Changing lives
Working together
Challenging oppression
Making a difference

Emergency Appeals

CAFOD only asks parishes for an extra collection for a VERY SERIOUS EMERGENCY. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), of which CAFOD is a member, get free advertising from the media for emergency appeals. DEC sometimes give money to CAFOD if they have partners on the ground in the area so relief can start immediately. Fast Day collections are held twice a year in Lent and Harvest time.

CAFOD’s internal target for programmes to tackle poverty and injustice is 85/90p in every £1. 

Justice & Peace
CAFOD is crucial in helping to bring about justice and peace (J&P) amongst the poor and needy in other countries. But J&P has a much wider remit. It is at the very heart of Christ’s message as expressed in the Gospels and critical to the development of the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Injustice and conflict can be found in every walk of life. It is not just about the big issues of wars in various parts of the world or the injustices of cruel dictatorships or the impact of climate change, it is also about more down to earth matters such as care of our elderly and infirm, local community or youth issues, homelessness and living simply.